A Pelvic health or women’s health physio are physios who specialise in women’s health predominantly due to the changes from pregnancy and childbirth, and all populations health in terms of their pelvic and abdominal areas.
Pelvic health physios can cover a wide range of areas, such as pelvic pain, incontinence, hip pain, back pain, core rehab, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual function and so much more.

In an ideal world all women would be given access to a pelvic health physio around that 6-10 week mark postpartum, and then as needed following this. However, this is not the case, and most women will not even see a physio. I strongly recommend my clients visit a pelvic health physio before starting training as there is nothing better than getting the whole picture of where your body is at and understanding exactly what is or is not needed.

With that said, what exactly should you be asking your physio? Below are my main questions I suggest asking your physio in the postpartum stage, however if you have any other specific queries or questions, they, like me, do not believe you can over share. So, feel free to lay it all out!

  • Does my deep core have good tone and is there any separation of my abdominals?
  • Is my core functioning properly? If not, what exercises do you recommend/which daily movements should I be mindful with?
  • What is my posture like? Any stretches or exercises to help with this?
  • What is my breathing pattern like?
  • How is my pelvic floor? Is it functioning properly, is it fully relaxing, is it even from side-side or back-front?
  • Is my pelvis tilted (front, back or to a side)? if it is what plan of action is recommended for bringing it back to neutral?
  • Why is sex painful? (If it is)
  • What sort of exercise am I cleared for? (Eg- strength/high impact/running/HIIT)
  • Can you send a copy of my report to my trainer? Or are you happy to work alongside my trainer to help with anything flagged in my report?

There are many great physios in Perth, and some pelvic health physios I recommend are, Body logic Physios in Subiaco, Jenny Tweedie at Life Care Physio Wembley, Julie Lynch at Bumpity Bump Physio, or the girls at Fitright Physios, and I am sure there are many more I am yet to connect with and be able to recommend.

If you are working with a pelvic health physio through pregnancy or postpartum and want a trainer who is also knowledgeable and comfortable working alongside your physio, contact BumpOut Fitness today!