post pregancy rehab package

Getting active during pregnancy definitely has its own stresses and limitations on your body, If you check off this list before you get active then you will be sure to reduce your risk of complications, discomfort and get the most out of your body so you can continue to stay active till D-day!

  • A Good supportive Bra!!

    Your breasts are going to go through stages of tenderness and pain, and the larger they grow the more movement you will notice. All that extra movement not only leads to more discomfort for your girls, but it also means if they are not properly supported you can cause mild damage and end up with even more droop than you should. Find a sports bra that holds those girls tight and has room to grow with you.
    If you want to cover your bases go straight for nursing sports bras. They are built to offer full support while also providing easy access for nursing bubs, so you are covered through pregnancy and beyond.

  • Proper runners

    (not worn out, full ankle support, with room for your toes)
    We all know that our feet apparently grow a size during pregnancy right? What is actually happening is that the hormone ‘relaxin’ released in our body causes the connective tissues in our feet to relax and lengthen and with all that extra weight we carry around in pregnancy this easily leads to our feet flattening due to the bones spreading. Along with this, many women will experience swelling at some point of their pregnancy. The pooling of extra fluid can mean your feet are uncomfortable and bigger.
    So with all this going on in our poor feet don’t you think they need proper attention too? Make sure your shoes are comfortable and support your ankles and arches. Don’t fall into the trap of buying shoes your feet just fit, you want a little space in the toes and you may even need to look at a wider fit shoe. The right shoe will help you stay on your feet all day and be comfortable.

  • Full length Foam Roller

    If you haven’t heard of foam rolling… where have you been? Pregnancy causes postural changes, joint changes, and can lead to your muscles tightening up when you do get active. In order to keep your body feeling good and keep those muscles loose, foam rolling is a must during pregnancy. Foam rolling will allow you to self-massage away those aches from the day and release the muscles after every workout.
    If you need more reason to head out and buy one, foam rolling is also an excellent way to warm up your body when a lot of cardio warm up options such as skipping, or jogging may be out of the question. The action of rolling long and fast will warm up the muscles, turn on your core and promote blood flow to your muscles pre-workout!

  • A Fit-Ball

    Many doctors may suggest using a fit ball during late pregnancy to help put baby into the proper position, and provide a comfortable seating option. They also come in handy during labour, providing different positions for your body to help cope with the pain. The fit ball is just as handy to keep you active during your whole pregnancy! Not only does it help switch on your deep core and promote good posture, but they give us a whole new apparatus to use and achieve comfortable and safe positions for many exercises during pregnancy. Fit balls are one of my ‘go-to’ pieces of equipment for a lot of glute and core exercises, pregnant or not!

  • A Water Bottle

    It is so important to stay hydrated during pregnancy and during workouts you should be taking breaks and sipping on water to keep those fluid levels up. During my pregnancy I used two water bottles. I had a huge 2L bottle I carried with me throughout the day, then I also had a small 600ml insulated bottle. The huge bottle would come everywhere with me that was easy enough (from desk to table, in the car and even to friend’s houses). If I was off for a long walk or training a client (I would bring plenty of other stuff to clients), I would bring my small bottle. It was easier to manage and stays cooler for longer. The best part was that when I finished both bottles on a day I knew I drank my daily minimum!

So there you have it! 5 easy to find objects that will make the process so much more bearable and keep you safe. I would also like to give an honourable mention to a final MUST-HAVE during pregnancy fitness, this is proper instruction! Please don’t attempt anything you are unsure about and seek out a specialist near you.
Happy training ladies!

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