running in pregnancy

With the new year well and truly here, many of us have at least spoken about new years resolutions and intentions, but how do we take this talk and turn it into our lifestyle choices for 2023 and not forget about it?

We break it down!
instead of focusing on this big end goal, start just looking at your daily habits and think about what your day would look like once you have achieved that goal.

Now think about which daily habits would have to change and pick 1-2 to change at a time. Once these become your new habits/ new normal, then move onto another 1-2 daily habits.
Make sure that any changes you are focusing on are ‘easy’ to accomplish, you have to ask yourself “how likely am I to stick to this?” if your answer is not very likely then simplify this or set less frequent changes for example; we are more likely to stick to one walk a week than a walk every morning, as life is always going to get in the way if we are being too strict on ourselves.
Once your daily habit goals are perceived as “Hell yes, I can do that” then implement it and watch yourself achieve your goals by SLOWLY changing your daily habits and changing your lifestyle 1 step at a time.

If your goal is to exercise and stay strong through your pregnancy or return to exercise safely postnatally than contact me now to see how BumpOut Fitness can help you in 2023.