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Why Exercise Through Pregnancy?

There are many benefits to aid your-well being and the well-being of your newborn
  • Maintaining a healthy weight range through pregnancy significantly reduces your risks of complications.
  • Strong, healthy muscles and joints mean a lower incidence of aches and pains in the body.
  • A strong core supports your growing bump, reduces back pain, diastasis recti, and improves your post-birth recovery.
  • Exercise reduces your chances of developing post-natal depression and helps you level out those pregnancy emotions.
  • Training the pelvic floor muscles correctly can reduce incontinence and speed up your recovery after birth.
  • Exercise aids in digestive function and can ease symptoms such as bloating, gas and constipation.
  • Establishing a strength and fitness base-line leads to easier and faster post birth recovery times.
  • Labour and delivery is like running a marathon. Why wouldn't you train for it?

When exercising while pregnant, it’s highly recommended to work with a coach certified in pre-and postnatal training. The right coach will have the knowledge to adapt and support you through every stage of pregnancy and post-partum.

I aim to support you whatever your goals are, keeping you safe and healthy every step of the way.

Brooke has been there through my pregnancy to keep me fit and strong and my labour was quick because of her training. I'm still seeing Brooke after 3.5 years and I can't recommend her enough.

Jess Young

Brooke Jacobs

Providing safe and effective exercises for mums and mums-to-be
Brooke Jacobs - pregnancy training specialist

I am Brooke Jacobs, a mother to a beautiful boy and a passionate women's strength & fitness coach.

I am fully qualified with a bachelor's degree in exercise & sports science from ECU, as well as multiple specialty courses after graduation including pre and postnatal coaching courses from Girls Gone Strong (gold standard in AUS, USA and beyond), and Limitless Health & Fitness.

I am devoted to ensuring the women of Perth receive the care and support they deserve through what can be, the most challenging time of their life both physically and mentally.

I am qualified to help you achieve a strong and healthy body while also offering support and clarity as you transition through the phases of pregnancy and post partum.

"More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of exercise through pregnancy and Brooke makes this convenient with a service that comes to you."

My coaching covers physical training, nutritional support, progress tracking, goal setting and lifestyle support. Each factor plays a role in improving your health and well-being while you are dealing with changes inside and outside.

Pregnancy is as much about you as it is your baby. It's a time to love and cherish your body.

Exercise & Pregnancy - What the Statistics Say

The percentage of women who meet the recommendations for exercise during pregnancy is very low. This is due to uncertainty about what type of exercise should be recommended and which should be avoided.

- María Perales, the department of Physical Activity and Sports Science.

Women who exercised for 55 minutes, three days a week, were 34% less likely to require an emergency cesarean.

- British Journal of Sports and Medicine

Studies have found exercise to be effective in the prevention and treatment of depression in pregnancy.

- British Journal of Sports and Medicine

Exercising after birth can help you heal faster and kick-start muscle strengthening and toning.

- Sports Medicine Australia

Training Services

No body &/or pregnancy is the same. Each program is tailored specifically to suit your skill and fitness level.
1-on-1 Training
  • Fully personalised training to support you through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, and help you reach your goals.
  • Child friendly training environment.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced coaching, keeping you safe and comfortable always.
  • Train the way you enjoy to build and maintain strength, cardio fitness and mobility.
  • Functional training to improve your day to day motor patterns, helping to reduce or stop aches and pains.
  • Focused training to prehab your body throughout pregnancy and rehab after delivery.
  • Supportive coaching with experienced referral network to help you stay on top of anything that presents itself.
  • Adaptable training to work around you and whatever life throws your way.
  • Options for small group training. Training with 1 or 2 friends.
    1 hour = $95
    45 minutes = $75
    30 minutes = $62
    Please enquire about semi-private and mobile session prices. Discounts for package purchases.
Womens Specialist Classes
  • 45 minute classes open to women of all ages, with or without children.
  • Child friendly with toys and play space available.
  • Gentle circuit style class with moves that can be adapted for women at any level to keep you safe and comfortable.
  • Movements designed for pregnancy and postnatal but easily beneficial for all women who wish to strengthen their core/pelvic floor connection and functional movements.
  • Have fun, get your body moving and feel great amongst likeminded women.
  • Term 3 2024 Circuit class Fridays at 9-9.45am @ Bedford RSL. Starting July 19th
  • PRICE:
    1 Class pass = $25
    5 Class pass = $120
    10 Class pass = $225
  • Pilates at SAY YES FITNESS Bayswater, restarting from July 16th, every Tuesday at 9.15-10am @ Houghton Park, Purley street Bayswater.
    $15 online booking, $20 cash
Postnatal Squad Classes
  • 8 weeks of classes beginning October 17th, 2023
  • 1 small group, specialist class per week, (Valued at $336)
  • Initial consultation prior to starting (Valued at $60)
  • 8 weeks of home programming to solidify what is learnt in group classes (Valued at $80)
  • Gently strengthen your body with adaptions to suit everyone at their own stages of their postnatal journey.
  • Train with likeminded women in a similar stage to you, and with the ability to bring your bub with you.
  • Learn how to re-connect and strengthen your core and pelvic floor to begin your journey to a stronger, healthier you.
  • Complimentary at home mobility program (Valued at $40)
  • Complimentary Recipe collection for new mums (Valued at $40)
  • Complimentary 5 class pass from Say Yes Fitness (Valued at $100)
  • Bonus surprise event at the end of the 8 weeks (Valued over $80)
  • Total value over $700
  • Classes held at Say Yes Fitness, Maylands. The space is pram accessible and child friendly for all ages.
    PRICE: $400
Home Program Prescription
  • Get specialised workouts from a Personal Trainer for a fraction of the cost of ongoing 'in person' sessions.
  • Receive a program tailored to you and your lifestyle to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently on your own.
  • Train in the privacy of your own home and take it at your own pace.
  • Full weekly programming so you just have to follow your plan and see your results.
    Valued at $200
  • Utilise 2 in person or zoom sessions to get a full movement assessment and to go through your personalised program, making sure you are confident with everything leading forward.
    Valued at $140
  • Receive a month of support via phone or email giving you a chance to make alterations or have any queries/questions answered.
  • Optional nutritional assessment to help you find habits you can change for long term health and happiness.
    Valued at $100
  • PRICE: $350


I started training with Brooke when I was getting ready for my wedding. I continued after I became pregnant and Brooke has modified my workouts to suit every stage of my pregnancy. We have focused on maintaining good technique, and getting ready for the birth of my baby and my recovery. As I approach the end of my third trimester I am feeling fit and healthy, thanks to my training with Brooke! She has also given me a programme of gentle exercises to assist my recovery until I can start training again. I definitely recommend training with Brooke during your pregnancy to stay happy, healthy and strong! Plus for the first time in my life, I’m starting to enjoy doing strength training!

Lucy Young

I've had many personal trainers in my time, and Brooke has been by far the best. Not only has she studied exercise and sport science but her ability to ensure you maintain great technique while lifting is impressive. She is very supportive when you're not feeling it (especially pregnant!) and I never feel uncomfortable with Brooke. She has been there through my pregnancy to keep me fit and strong and my labour was quick because of her training. I'm still seeing Brooke after 3.5 years and I can't recommend her enough.

Jess Young

When I feel pregnant with my son, Brooke prepared a program which I could easily do at home, which was a blessing as I suffered with terrible nausea during the first half of my pregnancy, and it allowed me to work at my own pace. I'm so grateful that program included pelvic floor work as it's importance is not emphasised enough through standard antenatal care!

Following the birth of my son Brooke very kindly prepared a variety of programs I can do at home while my bub is sleeping. I've also taken part in her group sessions which are fantastic; they have a great social atmosphere! 5 months later and I am back to my pre baby weight, but more importantly I feel good mentally and my strength is starting to return which really helps lifting and breast feeding a growing baby.

Amanda jacobs

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